Best VPS Providers in Saudi Arabia 2024: Premium Services & Strategic Data Centers

Saudi Arabia, a pivotal nation in the Middle East, is swiftly emerging as a key hub in the Virtual Private Server (VPS) industry. Strategically located at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe, Saudi Arabia serves as a digital gateway connecting these continents. Its evolving IT infrastructure and tech ecosystem offer an ideal setting for efficient and secure VPS solutions. The country’s strategic position ensures fast and reliable services throughout the Middle East and beyond, backed by state-of-the-art cloud computing technology.

Saudi Arabia hosting

Should you be in the market for VPS providers in Saudi Arabia, numerous superior choices are available. These providers stand out for their cutting-edge technology and robust server performance, coupled with a dedication to exceptional customer service and robust security measures. Equipped to handle everything from essential business applications to websites with heavy traffic, VPS providers in Saudi Arabia deliver tailored service plans suited to a wide range of needs and sizes, ensuring optimal handling and safeguarding of your digital resources.

Explore these options to enhance your digital experience with reliable and efficient VPS hosting in Saudi Arabia.

Best Affordable VPS Providers in Saudi Arabia

Lightnode Saudi Arabia VPS

From $7.7 / MO

Payment:Credit card、PayPal、AliPay、Google Pay

LightNode, founded in 2002, delivers a wide variety of more than 33 VPS locations across the globe. They provide high-performance SSD VPS servers and premium global cloud servers to guarantee quality and dependability. Offering flexible hourly and monthly billing, their services utilize 100% KVM virtualization to cater to their clients’ needs. They have many of their own data centers and servers in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, which is their advantage.

LightNode Plan and Pricing

CPUMemoryStorageTrafficTotal monthly PriceVPS Pay per hour
12GB50GB SSD1TB$7.7$0.012/hour
24GB50GB SSD1TB$13.7$0.021/hour
48GB50GB SSD2TB$26.7$0.040/hour
816GB50GB SSD2TB$50.7$0.076/hour
1632GB50GB SSD2TB$98.7$0.147/hour

They offers a bonus of up to $15 upon the initial recharge.
Windows OS: Free(Windows 10, Windows server 2008, Windows server 2012, Windoes server 2016, Windows server 2019)
Linux OS: Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux, CentOS, Rocky Linux, AlmaLinux, FreeBSD
Apps: CyberPanel, OpenLiteSpeed WordPress, Cloud Panel 2, UTunnel, cPanel & WHM 102.0.18, BT-Panel 7.3.0, WordPress 5.4.2, BlueStacks (pre-installed), MikroTik RouterOS

Locations:Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur), Chile(Santiago), Mexico(Mexico City), Vietnam(Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh), United States(Silicon Valley, Washington), Thailand(Bangkok), Cambodia(Phnom Penh), South Africa(Johannesburg), Bangladesh(Dhaka), Philippines(Manila), Singapore, United Arab Emirates(Dubai), Saudi Arabia(Riyadh, Jeddah), Germany(Frankfurt), Japan(Tokyo), Brazil(Sao Paulo), Egypt(Cairo), Bahrain, Bulgaria(Sofia), Greece(Athens), China(Taipei II, Hong Kong), United Kingdom(London), Turkey(Istanbul II), Oman(Muscat), Kuwait(Kuwait City), France(Marseille), Pakistan(Karachi), Nepal(Kathmandu), Russia(Moscow), Argentina(Buenos Aires), Indonesia(Jakarta), Myanmar(Yangon),Iraq (Baghdad)

LightNode, with its strategically located data centers in Riyadh and Jeddah, offers unparalleled VPS hosting services in Saudi Arabia. Their presence in these key cities ensures high-speed connectivity and robust data redundancy, positioning LightNode as a leading choice for reliable and efficient VPS solutions in the region.


From $5.00 / MO

Payment:Credit card、PaypaL、Crypto、Alipay、WebMoney、Payeer、Neosurf、Bank Transfer

VPSFAST is a brand of Compacta Web, a reliable web hosting provider since 2012 located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Compacta Web has started the VPSFAST brand in 2016 to provide VPS in multiple locations worldwide and low prices.

VPSFAST VPS Plan and Pricing

1512MB15GB SSD500GB$5/Month
11GB30GB SSD1TB$8/Month
11GB20GB SSD1TB$20/Month
12GB40GB SSD2TB$16/Month$30/Month
24GB80GB SSD3TB$38/Month$50/Month
48GB160GB SSD4TB$80/Month

Quaterly(-5%) Semi-Annually (-10%) Annually (-20%)
Windows OS(Windows server 2012, Windows server 2016).
Linux OS: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD.

Locations: Argentina (Buenos Aires), Armenia (Yerevan), Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney), Austria (Graz, Vienna), Azerbaijan (Baku), Bahrain, Bangladesh (Dhaka), Belgium (Bruxelles), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil (Sao Paulo), Bulgaria (Sofia), Cambodia (Phnom Penh), Canada (Montreal), Chile (Vina del Mar), Colombia (Bogota), Costa Rica, Croatia (Zagreb), Cyprus (Nicosia), Czech Republic (Prague), Denmark (Copenhagen), Egypt (Cairo), Estonia (Tallinn), Finland (Helsinki), France (Paris, Roubaix), Germany (Düsseldorf, Falkenstein, Frankfurt, Munich, Nuremberg), Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki), HK (Direct China Route), Hong Kong, Hungary (Budapest), Iceland (Hafnarfjordur), India (Mumbai, New Delhi), Indonesia (Jakarta), Iraq (Baghdad), Ireland (Dublin), Isle of Man (Ballasalla), Israel (Petah Tikva, Tel Aviv), Italy (Milan, Palermo, Rome), Japan (Tokyo), Kazakhstan (Almaty), South Korea (Seoul), Kuwait, Latvia (Riga), Lebanon, Lithuania (Vilnius), Luxembourg, North Macedonia (Skopje), Malaysia (Cyberjaya), Malta, Mexico (Santiago de Querétaro), Moldova (Chisinau), Myanmar (Yangon), Nepal (Kathmandu), Netherlands (Amsterdam, Meppel), New Zealand (Auckland), Nigeria (Lagos), Norway (Oslo), Oman (Muscat), Pakistan (Karachi), Panama (Panama City), Peru (Lima), Philippines (Manila), Poland (Gdansk, Warsaw), Portugal (Lisboa), Romania (Bucharest), Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), Serbia (Belgrade), Singapore, Slovakia (Bratislava), Slovenia (Ljubljana), South Africa (Johannesburg), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia), Sweden (Stockholm), Switzerland (Canton Zug, Geneva, Zurich), Taiwan (Taipei), Thailand (Bangkok), Tunisia (Kasbah), Turkey (Istanbul), Ukraine (Kharkiv, Kyiv), UAE (Dubai), UK (London, Manchester), USA (Ashburn, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New York, Phoenix, Seattle), Uruguay (Montevideo), Venezuela (Caracas), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh)

VPSFAST, with its dedicated data center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, specializes in offering unique VPS hosting solutions. While their Saudi VPS packages are exclusively tailored, they do not support Windows & Linux images and are priced at a premium. This positions VPSFAST as a niche provider, ideal for specialized hosting needs that don’t require standard operating system support, but may not be the first choice for those seeking cost-effective or versatile OS options.

Saudi Arabia VPS FAQ

1. When Is the Right Time to Switch to VPS Hosting in Saudi Arabia?

Deciding the best time to switch to a Saudi Arabian VPS hosting depends on your business growth. If you are experiencing significant expansion and your current hosting is insufficient, a Saudi-based Linux VPS might be the right move. Assess your website’s hosting needs and explore flexible VPS options in Saudi Arabia, including cost-effective unmanaged plans.

2. What Makes Saudi Arabian VPS Hosting Stand Out?

VPS hosting in Saudi Arabia offers a substantial upgrade from shared hosting, allowing more resource allocation for each user. A VPS in Saudi Arabia provides dedicated RAM, storage, and CPU power, especially beneficial as your website grows and traffic increases.

3. Managed vs. Unmanaged VPS Hosting in Saudi Arabia: What Are the Differences?

Managed VPS hosting in Saudi Arabia is ideal for those with limited technical skills, as it includes full server management by the provider. Conversely, unmanaged VPS is suited for those comfortable with server management, offering full control but requiring more hands-on maintenance.

4. When to Choose a Dedicated Server Over a VPS in Saudi Arabia?

The choice between a dedicated server and a VPS in Saudi Arabia depends on your specific needs. A dedicated server, offering more resources and performance, is suitable for high-traffic sites, akin to having a server all to yourself, unlike the shared space of a VPS.

5. How to Choose the Best VPS Hosting in Saudi Arabia?

Selecting the right VPS in Saudi Arabia involves understanding your hosting needs and budget. Consider factors like uptime, SSL certificates, full root access, and virtualization technology. Managed VPS is generally recommended for easier management, especially for those new to server management.

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